In 1964 James Horne was selling steel in Illinois for Bethlem Steel. His clients complained there was no one that knew how to install what he was selling them. So he started collecting tools and his garage became his office. He started installing himself on the weekends, and the business grew very rapidly.

By the 1970's, this small operation had expanded from the Illinois office by adding offices in Georgia and Florida. The thriving company MHEECO was doing work in over 20-30 states every year, and was not unusual to have employed over 600 employees every year with over 100 full time key team members. In the 1980's the company consolidated the Miami and Illinois offices and opened in California. James Horne retired as President/CEO and was succeeded by his long time Vice-President of Corporate Operations, James Derby Jr.

James Derby Jr.,  President/CEO worked closely with and is succeeded by Jon Darling, Vice-President of Corporate Operations. 

The company remains resolute in dedication to its team, many who have been with MHEECO for decades.